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Specialist Cricket

Specialist Cricket Program

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The Heights School offers, in conjunction with the South Australian Cricket Association and the Tea Tree Gully District Cricket Club, a Specialist Cricket Program.

Mr Andrew Costello is our program leader. Andrew is currently an A grade player with the Northern Districts Cricket Club and Coach of the Under 14 State Development Squad.

The Aim of the Program

The aim of the Specialist Cricket Program is to maximise the cricket development of talented athletes and players as they train and receive specialist, qualified coaching within the school curriculum.

Our goal is to promote skills, behaviours, attitudes and knowledge that will benefit students in their performance of cricket, other sports, academic pursuits and personal development.

The cricket program is offered as part of a student’s subject choices, and the participants will be offered study in cricket from Years 8—11. This will involve:

 Skill Development

  • Leadership Skills
  • Spirit of Cricket / Player Etiquette
  • Rules and Umpiring
  • Fitness Development / Testing


Students participate every year in the Harmony Day Cricket Program and assist the Junior School with their matches. The students travel to the country to compete each year in a carnival against other Specialist Cricket Schools and also participate in a biennial interstate cricket trip.


  • Goal Setting / Time Management
  • History of Cricket and its role in Australian society
  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating for competition
  • Cross-curricular assessment tasks for other subjects


As the program continues from Years 9-11, further topics will be covered:

  • Basic First Aid– Injury Prevention and Management
  • Coaching– level 1 qualification
  • Sports Psychology
  • Principles of planning a training program
  • Exercise Physiology

With the support of S.A.C.A. and Tea Tree Gully District Cricket Club, participants will receive specialist coaching, be linked to relevant cricketing pathways and participate in the school’s regional and state cricket competitions.

Curriculum Balance

The Cricket program is integrated within the school curriculum, ensuring students are not disadvantaged and that academic and vocational career options are maintained.


Participants in the program are required to develop and maintain a high level of commitment to their study and to the expectations of the Cricket program. We encourage students to maintain a range of sporting and cultural interests.

Students in the program will be actively monitored on their academic progress throughout the year. If necessary the athlete’s position in the program will be reviewed. It is expected that all participants will meet the expectations of the School’s Code of Conduct and other School requirements.

A Proud School


The Heights School enjoys high community regard for its academic and vocational programs. As a school for students with high intellectual potential, we are known for supporting students to reach the highest academic results.

Our specialist cricket program builds on outstanding community support for sporting activity.

We are also a partner in the North Eastern Vocational Opportunities Cluster and our students achieve in a range of  Industry and Tafe accredited certificate programs

Outstanding Facilities

The Heights School has spent more than $20,000 upgrading our oval, pitches and nets.

Students have access to the outstanding facility at Tea Tree Gully District Cricket Club as well as the indoor nets at St Jay’s Rec Centre

The excellent facilities also include a Bowling machine and video analysis of skills.


For Further Details please contact:

Specialist Cricket Co-ordinator: Andrew Costello

Brunel Drive

Modbury Heights  SA  5092

Phone: 08 8263 6244

Fax: 08 8263 6072

Email: andrew.costello@theheights.sa.edu.au