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The images which follow are a photographic record of The Heights School 2004 entry into the Australian International Pedal Prix. It includes a record of fundraising and our first race at the Victoria Park 6 Hour event.

Our Easter Raffle helped to Raise Money for Materials
Sorting out donated Goods for our Major Lottery Prizes. In total we raise over $5,000 in funds!!
Making the Team Uniforms
Staff , Students and Parents Design, Make and Silkscreen Uniforms
Designing our H.P.V. (Human-Powered Vehicle)
Lightweight materials are used to create a light but strong design.
The bare chassis takes a long time to design and make.
Students Measure Roll Bar Height to Comply with Strict Safety Specifications
Parents, students and staff work evenings and weekends in
the workshop.
The vehicle must be ergonomically designed to suit
the size and shape of the pedalling team.
Testing the Vehicle.
Community funded exercise bikes are used to get the team fit.
All Vehicles are Checked Before Race Day to Ensure They
Comply with All Vehicle Specifications
Our vehicle completes it’s first event with very few problems.
Fast Rider changes are needed to save time.
Parents support the team with a cooked breakfast and lunch.
Our last Lap!
The Team Celebrate the Completion of Their First 6-hour Event.
Alterations and additions for the 24-hour, Murray Bridge event include:
  • Shortened Seat to Pedal Distance.
  • Extra chain tensioners.
  • A new path for the chain.
  • A new seat covering.
  • New side Body Panels with new shape.
  • Internal hand/mud guards.
  • Rear and Front Lights.
  • Complete Canopy.
  • Wheel covers with Team Graphics.
  • Complete Vehicle Graphics/Paint Job.