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Gifted Education at the Heights

STAFF Training and Development

The Heights School offers its entire staff CPC – 12 a comprehensive training and development program designed to share information about gifted students.

The Program is called Tier 1 training.

Some of the sessions that are delivered include

  • Identification of Gifted Students
  • Testing methods
  • Characteristics of Gifted Students
  • Models of Differentiation – (Blooms Taxonomy, Renzulli School Wide Enrichment Triad, Williams Model, Divergent Questions)
  • Strategies to use with Gifted Learners – Higher Order Thinking Skills (Question Matrix, Thinkers Keys, Thinkers Hats
  • Social and Emotional needs of Gifted Students
  • Learning Area Specific Information
  • The IGNITE Program
  • Brain Theory

This training is generally 10 hours and is a comprehensive beginning to teachers understanding of gifted education.

The school also provides sharing and planning time for teachers in learning areas to improve their curriculum and integrate thinking skills more broadly.

The school also assists interested staff to attend National and International conferences where the staff members hear current and up to date research in gifted education.

Each term, a Gifted Education parent evening is held. These presentations have a training and development focus helping parents and caregivers understand the needs of gifted children.