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IGNITE Program Year 8-12

The Ignite program is funded by the South Australian Department of Education and Children's Services.

Three secondary schools, Aberfoyle Park High School, Glenunga International High School, and The Heights School operate as a consortium. These three Ignite schools have been provided with resources to specifically cater for the needs of highly gifted students.

The Ignite program recognises the individual needs of gifted students and therefore offers flexibility in student learning.

Key features of the Ignite program in all three schools are:

  • Students working with their intellectual peers
  • Focus on Critical, Creative and Caring Thinking
  • Comprehensive and ongoing training and development in Gifted Education for staff
  • Selective entry for students into year 8 based on a four part test
  • Excellent technology and resources
  • Flexible timetabling

We offer three classes within the Ignite program

The Ignite accelerated class provides subject acceleration in all areas. Students complete years 8 and 9 in one year in the middle school and move into year 10 in the senior school the following year.

The Ignite Extended class provides students with enrichment / extension opportunities including SACE units as part of a two year program in the Middle School.

The Ignite High Intellectual Potential (HIP) class provides students with enrichment and extension opportunities. Students stay together as a class in year 8 and 9 in the Middle School.

The school has been recognised both nationally and internationally as a school of excellence in Gifted Education.