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Please select from the following events:

Splash Carnival
The Splash Carnival provides an excellent opportunity for students to get to know each other in their class groups and year levels, and have loads of fun.

Sports Day
Each year sees Middle and Senior school students participating in Sports Day.

Open Night
Parents and prospective students are able to tour the school. Students will act as tour guides.

Round Table Assessment

As part of end of year assessment for all Year 9 students at The Heights School we have introducing the Round Table Assessment process that has proved to be very successful in an increasing number of secondary schools. The process focuses upon not only student knowledge, but also those broad skills that are required in the workforce.

As part of the process students are given an opportunity to plan and organise a presentation, which involves the student speaking about, and demonstrating some of their learning that has occurred over the past year. The presentation is given to a panel that consists of the student’s parent, Home Group teacher and a community representative. After listening to the student’s presentation the panel provides feedback.

Students, parents, community members and staff are then able to relax over light refreshments.