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At The Heights, students have the chance to participate in the Wakakirri National Story Festival, which provides schools with opportunities to create stories and present and share their works at festivals held around Australia. We have students entering the Story Writing and Story Art competitions as well our large group entry in Story Dance.

The Heights has been involved in Wakakirri for several years, often reaching the Grand Final with our Story dance item. Past entries have explored the plight of the River Murray, Aboriginal people & early settlement, a Kabuki story and the mysteries of the pyramids. If the Shoe Fits retold the traditional fairytale of Cinderella , There’s No Place like Home was about the adventures of a baby swan, swept away in a storm. Facing Fears told the story of how a prince and his friends learned to stand up to a bullying dragon. Beat the Crave and Save was about a little boy who wanted his mother to give up smoking. Tapping into Your Talent , a young girl tried lots of after school activities before finding one that suited her perfectly

In our 2009 item, Spring Around the World, a robot loses it's spring and must travel around the world and through the seasons, before finally having it replaced in Springland. Audiences were very impressed with the characterisation and movement in our Story Dance. This year we received an award for the most creative use of the Signiture Item, 'Spring' and the Positive Impact Award most creative use of re-usable materials.

Preparation for our item always starts early in the year with students being asked for suggestions. A group of students then meet to workshop the ideas. Auditions are organised and cast selected for dance, creative movement and acting roles. We rehearse each Thursday in preparation for the August heats. Every one has a great time performing at Her Majesty's Theatre and for the school .

Wakakirri involves a great deal of creativity behind the scenes. Students help with set painting and props. The artwork for our Wakakirri T-shirt is also designed by students. A group of mums do a magnificent job remodelling old costumes and making some impressive new ones. This year some dads helped to build the ship, plane and boat which tranported the spring around the world.

Each year our students rehearse and perform with lots of energy and enthusiasm and we have had another busy Wakakirri year in 2009.


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