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The Junior School has a commitment to the development of strong intra and interpersonal relationships in students through the teaching of programs that build positive relationships, acknowledge diversity and foster tolerance, wisdom and stewardship. All teachers use the Heights School Anti Bullying and Harassment Policy and all children are taught explicitly about the types, causes and affects of bullying and relevant grievance procedures.

Program Achieve is taught throughout all classes R-6. Anti bullying is also taught through the curriculum with teachers using relevant, contemporary resources to teach children about relating positively to others both in and out of school. Programs such as Bounce Back are also used to develop resiliency in all students both at school and beyond.

The Junior School classes actively acknowledge the importance of key times such as Reconciliation Week, National Sorry Day and International Women’s Day and use these to talk to children about past injustices and preferred present and futures for all Australians.

Our work with students and families in these areas is aimed at developing attitudes that minimise harm through risk taking behaviours, encourage healthy well being, optimism and self-confidence in and between students.

Through student negotiated class projects students are able to look beyond their own immediate circumstances and commit time and energy to raise resources for charities and volunteer programs at local, state, national and global levels.