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Key points of Transition for children within and to The Heights School are:

Students come to the Heights at other times as well and we are able to be flexible in designing individual transition programs upon enrolment.

Transition from Pre School to Reception

The transition from Pre School to school is a very important part of a child’s school life. Successful transition can have a positive impact on a child’s social, physical and academic development. At the Heights we aim to ensure transition is as smooth and, as much as possible, a natural progression form one learning stage to another.

Many children entering Reception at the Heights do so through our on site Child Parent Centre that runs a Pre School Program. Transition for these children is a flexible program and includes:

  • Regular visits to classrooms initiated by children, school and/or Preschool Staff
  • Visits to specialist areas and with specialist teachers
  • Spontaneous visits leading to involvement in specific classroom/playtime activities

The close proximity of the preschool and reception learning areas allows for the continual flow of information between teachers and the possibility of return observation visits by reception teachers.

Some children enter the Heights Junior Primary classes from other preschools. Our aim is still to create a smooth and successful transition to school. Elements of the transition program for these children have included:

  • A range of visits of varying degrees of time
  • Visits by the classroom teachers to the child’s Pre School
  • Visits by the Pre School staff to the child’s classroom
  • Attendance by the children to special events and programs prior to starting school
  • Visits to the Heights Child Parent Centre to mix with children who may also be starting school at the same time

Parents and care-givers of all children starting school at the Heights are invited to attend a comprehensive transition meeting, which includes introductions to key people and a school tour. Personal contact is made with parents before, during and after transition to seek feedback about the program.

Transition from Year 6 to Year 7

To ensure support for our year six students, teachers of years 5,6& 7 work collaboratively and cooperatively on curriculum initiatives and transition programs. Term four provides the opportunity for an induction day as well as a middle school tour for all students. To further support these students medical and academic information is passed onto the new teacher at the end of each year through the Heights Transition forms. A formal meeting is held during week one of the new term for teachers to further discuss the student’s social and emotional needs. Through these meetings teachers are able to exchange important information about the child’s learning style.

Transition for students with disabilities or high level of giftedness is very effective at The Heights as staff work with students at intersecting levels of schooling. High levels of communication are very effective between past and receiving teachers who are on the same campus and therefore students are fully supported. Students with an NEP may need additional transition visits and this would be negotiated between schools through the NEP Review Meeting prior to starting at The Heights School.
Successful schooling is about supporting all students to feel safe and secure in their environment and through our transition process we believe we can support students to settle into their new school with a feeling of confidence which prepares them successful learning.

We highly value any feedback, which results in an improved transition program at the Heights.