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Our school summary report shows that students in years 3 and 5 at The Heights achieve higher levels of literacy and numeracy skills than their peers across the state.

In 2007 each cluster set targets for literacy (writing), physical skills and fitness and social emotional competencies.

There is some evidence in the LaN test results that some improvement has been achieved. For example, in 2005 as year 3s 8.5% of our cohort was below benchmark. In 2007 as year 5s only 6.2% remain below benchmark.

Teachers measured significant increase in the fitness levels of many children pre and post interventions. For example, using local data, (Beep test), approximately 90% of year 5/6 students increased their level of fitness over a period of 2 terms, some by as much as 100%.

Year 3 School Summary Report

Year 5 School Summary Report