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Cf 11 The Achievers

Our class is an all boy class.  We do a lot of hands on activities.  We love cooking, sport, science and computers.  Last year in early in May we had a morning tea for the special ladies in our life.  Each of the gents escorted their guest into the class and seated them.  A relaxing shoulder massage followed.  The boys read a class poem then presented their guests with a personal poem.  A PowerPoint presentation was shown of the boys as babies. Each gent asked their guest to dance to ‘Me and My Baby.’  Tea, coffee and cakes made by the boys were served to their special guests.

Later in the term the boys and families went to Woodhouse in the Adelaide Hills to do some team building exercises on Challenge Hill.  Everyone tried things they wouldn’t have done before. Each boy came away with a sense of achievement.

Term two, the boys studied Medieval times. The studies coincided with their teacher Helga and husband Lukes’ 25th anniversary.  Students and their families were invited to Camelot Castle to celebrate in true Medieval style.

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Morning tea massages
                         Serving tea
Rope bridge at Woodhouse
Testing strength
Guard of Honour
Medieval Celebration