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Gifted Education in the Junior School

20% of the Junior School students have been assessed as gifted, either through testing by an educational psychologist, or through screening based on teacher or family nomination. The Heights Junior school attracts many siblings of secondary students selected each year for the IGNITE class. In addition, The Heights now has a reputation for its excellence of educational provision for gifted students and attracts many from outside its geographic zone through recommendations by staff, families and DECS personnel.
Each year teachers new to the Junior School are expected to attend an introductory Training and Development on gifted education through Flinders University. A result of this training is that teachers are very aware of the academic, emotional and social needs of gifted students and skilled in making provisions for them. The Heights School is very proud of the fact that many of our teachers have addressed state and national conferences and continue to keep abreast of the latest thinking and training to further enhance learning for our gifted students.

The Heights accommodates gifted students in a number of different ways.

  • Early entry
  • Clusters of gifted students in class
  • Composite classes
  • Literacy Block
  • Streaming in upper year level
  • Subject acceleration
  • Year level acceleration
  • Buddy system
  • State Science, Maths and English competitions
  • Festival Choir
  • Wakakirri
  • Chess competitions
  • Student Governance

Meeting the needs of gifted students in our school is always high on our agenda, an agenda that also benefits every student. The Junior School has adopted a Scope and Sequence for the teaching of Thinking Skills and this is implemented throughout all classes. Students in the Junior School are taught about DeBonnos Thinking Hats, Graphic Organisers, Thinkers Keys and many other higher order thinking strategies and these strategies are used through a wide range of curriculum areas. This enhances the learning of all students as well as being very supportive of those who are gifted.

We have a gifted students parent support group which meets in the evenings once a term. Many parents enjoy the chance to meet with other parents of the Heights community to share ideas or concerns in a formal as well as an informal way. We invite guest speakers to address many and varied issues relevant to the needs of gifted students and these are always well attended by the parent group.

By providing a flexible and caring environment the gifted students at The Heights flourish and are engaged in a vast and wide educational experience.
For further information about gifted students in the Junior School please contact the Assistant Principal Student Services.