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Student Achievements
Throughout the year we recognise student achievements at year level or Junior School assemblies.

Values Education
The Junior School has a commitment to the development of strong intra and interpersonal relationships in students through the teaching of programs that build positive relationships, acknowledge diversity and foster tolerance, wisdom and stewardship.

The transition from Pre School to school is a very important part of a child’s school life.

Gifted Education
20% of the Junior School students have been assessed as gifted, either through testing by an educational psychologist, or through screening based on teacher or family nomination.

Early Intervention
Early Intervention is a one to one literacy program for Year One students who have had approximately one year at school.


Every class has one lesson per week with a specialist drama teacher.

Students at The Heights have the chance to participate in Wakakirri Story Dance, which is the largest national performing arts event for Australian schools, with over five hundred entries this year.

Each year the school prepares a “Festival Choir” that participates in the South Australian Public Schools Festival of Music, which is a series of concerts held at the Festival Theatre in September.


Students at the Heights learn Indonesian from Recception to Year 12

Funtastics is a program designed for Junior Primary aged children who may be experiencing difficulties with some gross motor skills such as hopping, balancing and ball skills.

Attendance Profile
Regular attendance is crucial for successful learning. Once students have a pattern of absence from school it often escalates through subsequent school years. Attendance data is included in student reports. Families are contacted if a child's attendance is of concern.

Christian Pastoral Support Worker

The Junior School is supported 15 hpw with the services of a CPSW. She supports the well being of students and families through pastoral care.