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The Heights Gross Motor Program – Funtastics

Funtastics is a program designed for Junior Primary aged children who may be experiencing difficulties with some gross motor skills such as hopping, balancing and ball skills. The aims of the program are to:

  • Develop gross motor skills and coordinated body movements
  • Encourage students to gain confidence in their ability to perform physical skills
  • Assist in the development of self image
  • Develop playground skills
  • Improve listening, following instructions and concentration skills
  • Encourage independence through tying laces, buttons etc

Research in South Australia has shown that early detection and support of any problems in these areas avoids concerns in the future.

Funtastics is run by parent volunteers who are known within the school community and is overseen by the Assistant Principal – Early Childhood. The volunteers are encouraged to access free training run by the State coordinator for coordination programs. The training is highly valued by the volunteers providing them with a greater understanding of the needs of the children. Volunteers are also required to undergo a school-based workshop on the responsibilities of volunteers within the school including mandatory notification.

Children are identified for the Funtastics program through a series of short activities that are given after six weeks at school. The activities are managed by the Assistant Principal Early Childhood. Parents are able to gain more information about the results of the activities from the Assistant Principal. Class teachers are given information about areas of development that can be incorporated into Physical Education lessons. Children are involved in the program for up to 20 weeks. In some cases and if there are spaces available children may be involved in the program for longer.

A comprehensive information booklet is available for parents to gain information about all details of the program.