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Early Intervention

Early Intervention is a one to one literacy program for Year One students who have had approximately one year at school. Students are identified through a process that tests a range of literacy knowledge and skills including concepts about print, letter identification and word knowledge. If a student is unable to reach a level which would enable them to participate fully in the classroom literacy program they are placed on the Early Intervention Program

Parent volunteers are invited to attend a workshop to become trained tutors for Early Intervention. The workshop covers the reading process, supporting students with learning to read and write and the six steps of the Early Intervention program. The workshop also covers issues regarding the Heights School Volunteer Policy. Individual students are matched to the trained tutors. Tutors work with students for 2-3 sessions of approximately 30mins per week on a specific program to assist the children to become more able readers and writers. Training workshops are conducted regularly during the year.

The program operates with close consultation between the tutor, the class teacher and the parent. The class teacher, the child’s parent/caregiver and the Early Intervention coordinator regularly monitor student’s progress.