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The Heights Resource Centre is a vital part of the whole school community.  It provides access to a wide range of resources in a variety of formats.  The resources support the curriculum and reflect the learning and recreation needs of the whole school community.

Opening Hours

The Resource Centre is open every day from 8.15am until 4pm or later depending on requests.  At recess time Junior School students (R – Year 6) have sole access to the Resource Centre.  At lunchtime only middle and senior school students can us the Resource Centre.

Resource Centre Use

The teacher librarians specialise in guiding students through the information process, with resource-based units of work and supporting staff with co-operative planning, programming and teaching.

Teachers use the Resource Centre to work on resource based learning units (with teacher librarians) small group tasks, reading or whatever.

Teacher librarians also foster enjoyment of literature by all.

There is a photocopier in the Resource Centre for students and staff to use at a minimal charge.  Students use their ID cards to pay for using this facility, as they do when using the Internet.

Areas and equipment of the Resource Centre can be booked for use by whole classes, groups or individuals.  Individual students may use the Resource Centre for study, providing they have written, dated notes or diary notes from their teacher, explaining the task they must complete, the length of time they will be in the Resource Centre and when they need to return to their classroom.

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