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Annual Report 04 (305kb)
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Meeting Dates Term 3 2009


Members of the Governing Council are elected to represent and involve the community in the governance of the school to strengthen and support public education.

The roles and responsibilities are clearly defined by regulation, and each member has a responsibility to discharge those duties effectively.
Annual General Meeting is held in February each year.


Mr Jim Rouse - Chairperson
Mr Jim Wallace - Deputy Chairperson

Mr Jeff De Boer - Treasurer
Ms Amanda Rolland - Secretary
Mrs Mardi Lammas-Turner
Mrs Michele Kraniac

Mrs Jackie Williams
Mrs Jane Lloyd

Mrs Karen Lynch

Mr Michael Swann

Mrs Lyn Albury

Mr Andrew Cool

Mr Steven Harrison

Mr Rob Szymanski
Mrs Julie Hahn
Ms Rachael Morden

Ms Jodi Van Den Berg

Mrs Tracey Maczkowiack

Ms Sarah Williams - Student Representative

Ms Cathryn Kempe - Student Representative
Ms Sheralyn Oakey - Principal
Ms Kris Nielsen - Senior School Representative
Mr Rob Perkins - Middle School Representative
Ms Alison Denee- Junior School Representative
Ms Frances Bedford - Community Member