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The Heights School is for students from Pre-school to Year 13.

We operate as three subschools:

  • Junior School – Pre-school to Year 6
  • Middle School – Year 6/7 to Year 9
  • Senior School – Year 10 to Year 13

The Junior and Middle Schools offer a broad, balanced program for all students, incorporating the 8 areas of learning required by the Department of Education and Children’s Services.

The Senior School offers a wide choice of subjects which enable students to study for their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). Specialist career pathways through the Vocational Education and Training (VET) program are also available.

We are recognised nationally and internationally as a school of excellence catering for gifted students from Pre-school to Year 13. The IGNITE program offers opportunities for highly gifted students to develop their skills and talents.

  • To make an enrolment enquiry, contact the school by phone. The receptionist will complete an enquiry form which will be forwarded to the appropriate Sub-school Leader. The Sub-school Leader will contact you to follow up the enquiry.
  • Secondary age students living in our zone have automatic enrolment right. Primary students have a spot if The Heights is the closest school. Other students both primary and secondary are accepted, subject to available places
  • Enrolment enquiries are encouraged from families both within our zone and out of zone

Enrolment Zone

Students living in the area bounded by Hancock Road, Grenfell Road, Cronulla Drive, Riverside Drive, over to Penny Street, Far View Crescent, Arthur Street, North East Road, Montague Road, Kelly Road, The Golden Way, then east to the intersection of Maxlay Road and Brunel Drive, Maxlay Road, Sandpiper Court, Coalport Terrace, Grenfell Road, Golden Grove Road and Yatala Vale Road will be enrolled if they apply for The Heights.

The Heights School Zone Map (DECS)

School Fees

The Governing Council sets school fees at the lowest level which allows school programs to function.

Summary of 2009 School Fees Schedule
  Years R-6 Year 7 Years 8-9 Years 10-13
School Fee $275 $345 $450 $490
School Card Recipients
School Fee
‘Co-Curricula Approved’ Component














There will be other school charges applicable during the year, such as excursions, camps and some specific subject costs.