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Senior Wakakirri

The Heights Middle and Senior School students entered the Wakakirri National Story Festival for the first time in 2006. However some of the participants were old hands as they have been involved in our Junior School entries in the past. We looked at the life of the artist Toulouse Lautrec. Our Story Dance entry The Art of Life was about how his artwork immortalised the people of Montmartre in Paris during the 1890’s.

In 2007 we were inspired by Romeo and Juliet. Our story Dance from the Heart focused on the rivalry between groups. When a boy from one group and girl from the other were attracted to each other, their friends could not accept it. This resulted in tragic consequences.

In 2008 , A New Life focused on what happens when a group are shipwrecked on a tropical island.

A group of students meet  early in th year to discuss and research a number of ideas. Once the story is written, the cast and crew work hard with the choreographer and director to prepare our item for performance at Her Majesty’s Theatre . We all have a great time.

Wakakirri involves a great deal of creativity behind the scenes. The impressive Scenic Art work was designed and painted by a student. Our Wakakirri T-shirt was also designed by students. In 2007, the cast provided their own costumes and the judges were so impressed, we won gold in this category. Our sets won a distinction.

Unfortunately the Senior competition was cancelled by Wakakirriin 2009. Only primary students are now able to enter.

This year 30 Middle School students met at lunchtime & after school and choreographed their own dance/drama production which was performed during Arts week in term 3.


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